InRouter900 Industrial LTE M2M Router

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The IR900 series high industrial-grade router from InHand Networks is designed to meet the connectivity and security requirements of industrial applications, particularly in the context of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Here are the key features and benefits of the IR900 series:

Comprehensive Security and Wireless Services: The router offers comprehensive security and wireless services, which are essential for the reliable and secure networking of industrial equipment. It can support networking of up to 10,000 devices, ensuring high-speed data access for equipment information.
Industrial-Grade Design: The router is built with an industrial-grade design, making it suitable for harsh and demanding industrial environments. It can withstand challenging conditions, ensuring its durability and performance.
3G/4G Connectivity: The IR900 series routers are equipped with 3G/4G connectivity, providing reliable wireless network access, even in remote or challenging locations.
Intelligent Software Functions: The routers include intelligent software functions that can enhance the efficiency and functionality of the network. These features are valuable for mission-critical IIoT applications.
Dual SIM: With dual SIM support, the router can ensure network redundancy and reliability by automatically switching to a backup SIM in case of network issues.
VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol): VRRP further enhances network reliability by providing automatic failover capabilities, ensuring continuous connectivity.
VPN (Virtual Private Network): The router supports VPN technology, offering a secure and encrypted connection for data transmission. This is crucial for protecting sensitive industrial data.
Efficient Large-Scale Deployment and Management: The InRouter900 series routers make large-scale deployment and management efficient, which is particularly important for enterprises with extensive industrial equipment networks.
Remote Management: These routers feature remote management capabilities, allowing administrators to monitor, configure, and manage the network remotely. This is especially useful in the context of dispersed industrial equipment.

Global 4G LTE: The router supports global 4G LTE connectivity, providing access to high-speed and reliable mobile broadband networks around the world.
Multi-Carrier Certified: It is certified to work with multiple carriers, allowing flexibility in choosing network providers and ensuring compatibility across various regions.
Large-Scale Deployment: The router is well-suited for large-scale deployment scenarios, making it ideal for industries and applications that require extensive network coverage.
Dual SIM Redundancy: Dual SIM support ensures network redundancy and reliability. The router can automatically switch to a backup SIM card if the primary one encounters network issues.
Automatic Link Detection & Recovery: The router features automatic link detection and recovery mechanisms, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted network connectivity.
VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol): VRRP provides redundancy and failover capabilities, further enhancing network reliability and availability.
VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network): VLAN support allows for network segmentation and management, helping to optimize network traffic and improve security.
WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network): The inclusion of WLAN provides wireless connectivity options, enhancing the versatility of the router.
GPS (Global Positioning System): GPS functionality allows for location tracking and geospatial data in applications that require real-time location information.
Remote Management via SNMP and InHand Device Manager: The router can be remotely managed and monitored using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and the InHand Device Manager, facilitating efficient centralized network management.
User Experience Plan: The user experience plan enhances usability, making network configuration and management efficient and convenient for users.
Ruggedized for Harsh Environments: The router is designed to withstand harsh and challenging environmental conditions, ensuring its durability and performance in industrial settings.