InRouter611-S Industrial LTE Router

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The InRouter611-S (IR611-S) is a series of compact IoT routers designed to provide a comprehensive set of features for field devices and IoT applications. Here are the key characteristics and benefits of the IR611-S series:

Support for 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, and VPN: The routers in this series offer 3G/4G connectivity, Wi-Fi support, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities. This combination of technologies ensures reliable and secure network access for IoT devices.
Scalable Device Networks: The IR611-S is capable of scaling device networks from a few devices to tens of thousands. This scalability is valuable for IoT applications that may involve a large number of connected devices.
Hardware and Software Watchdogs: The routers come with embedded hardware and software watchdogs, enhancing network reliability. These watchdogs help monitor and maintain the stability of the network, especially in unattended field sites.
Multi-Layer Link Detection: Multi-layer link detection mechanisms are in place to ensure that communications remain stable and highly reliable, even in challenging environments.
Support for InHandDeviceManager: The routers support InHandDeviceManager, which facilitates remote network management. This platform simplifies the task of managing and monitoring connected devices and networks.
Multiple VPN Encryption Technologies: The routers incorporate various VPN encryption technologies to ensure secure data transmission. This safeguards against malicious data access and tampering, making it ideal for applications where data security is paramount.
User-Friendly Web Interface: The routers feature a user-friendly web interface that simplifies network configuration. This makes it easier for users to set up and manage their networks without technical complexity.
Reliable High-Speed Data Channel: The routers are designed to provide a reliable high-speed data channel for IoT devices, offering efficient and consistent connectivity for IoT applications.

Support for 4G LTE CAT4, CAT1, and CAT-M Networks: The router supports high-speed 4G LTE CAT4 networks as well as low-rate LTE CAT1 and CAT-M networks. This versatility ensures compatibility with different network types and varying bandwidth requirements.
WLAN Support: The router includes support for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN or Wi-Fi), enhancing connectivity options for IoT devices.
Multiple VPN Functions: It offers multiple VPN functions to ensure secure data transmission, making it suitable for applications that require data privacy and security.
Built-in Link Redundancy: The device is equipped with built-in link redundancies, ensuring uninterrupted communications. It can automatically switch to backup connections if the primary one fails.
Support for SNMP and InHand Device Manager: The router supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for network monitoring and management. It is also compatible with the InHand Device Manager cloud platform, enabling efficient centralized network management.
Efficient Large-Scale Device Network Deployment: The router is designed for efficient large-scale device network deployments, making it suitable for applications with numerous connected devices.
User Experience Plan: It includes a user experience plan to provide efficient and convenient services, enhancing usability and making it more accessible for a wider range of users.
Compact Size: The compact size of the router makes it easy to install in various locations and environments, especially where space may be limited.
Industrial-Grade Durability: The router is built to withstand challenging conditions and is industrial-grade, ensuring its reliability and performance in harsh and demanding environments.