TC ROUTER 3002T-4G – Router 2702528

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The TC ROUTER, a series of cellular routers, facilitates high-performance data connections through cellular networks at high speeds. It incorporates a built-in firewall and VPN (Virtual Private Network) to safeguard your applications from unauthorized access. The TC ROUTER-4G is an industrial-grade 4G cellular router (LTE) that also supports fallback to 3G (UMTS/HSPA) and 2G (GPRS/EDGE), ensuring robust and resilient connectivity. Emphasis is placed on aspects like electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrical isolation, and surge protection to ensure dependable and secure communication. Furthermore, the device continually monitors the data link and cellular network quality, and when necessary, it can send alerts or reestablish the cellular connection.


Virtual Dedicated Line: The device offers a virtual dedicated line, allowing networks to be connected via cellular networks, making it a versatile and mobile communication solution.
Stateful Inspection Firewall: It includes a stateful inspection firewall for dynamic filtering, enhancing network security by monitoring and controlling traffic based on its state and context.
IPsec and OpenVPN: The device support both IPsec and OpenVPN, providing secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) connectivity options for data protection and remote access.
VPN Remote Start: The device enables VPN remote initiation through SMS or a phone call, which can be useful for secure, on-demand remote access.
Switching Inputs and Output: It has two switching inputs and one switching output, which can be used for various purposes, including triggering actions based on external events.
Alarm Notification: The device can send alarms and notifications via SMS or email directly through the integrated switching input, enhancing its role in monitoring and alerting.
Configuration Options: Configuration of the device can be performed through web-based management or via a microSD card, offering flexibility and convenience in setting it up.
Dual Ethernet Connections: Equipped with two local Ethernet connections, it supports wired network connectivity and redundancy.
Energy-Saving Mode: The device includes a switchable energy-saving mode, which can help optimize power consumption, especially in scenarios where power efficiency is critical.
Integrated Logbook: It features an integrated logbook, which can record events and activities for diagnostic purposes and tracking system events.
Extended Temperature Range: The device can operate in an extended temperature range from -40°C to +70°C, making it suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions.