The Model DO-32a low density Dissolved Oxygen meter is battery operated. It incorporates a galvanic cell for water quality monitoring of rivers and lakes. It is also well suited for Dissolved Oxygen management in BOD waste water treatment tanks, culture ponds or other marine environments.

The unit provides pressure and salinity compensation together with temperature compensation and offers truly reliable data.

The Model DO-32a is easy to use with a simple one touch air and automatic calibration. This field portable unit is compact, light weight, and weatherproof.


Wide dynamic Automatic Range Selection
Covers wide range from 0~20 micro-g/litre to 0~20 milli-g/litre measuring ranges. In addition with this wide measuring range, full automatic range selection function is available. The automatic temperature compensation function enables measurement from ultra low density levels such as micro-g/litre (ppb) range to air saturated high ranges, with accurate performance.

Fast Response & Long Life Sensor
Newly developed membrane type polarographic electrode is used in the sensor. Therefore, long life span and fast response are realized. As two versions of electrode are available; normal type and atomic power station use type. The Model DO-32A can meet a wide variation of application requirements.

Easy Calibration
Span calibration can be done by air and it is also possible to perform zero check calibration by electric zero (panel zero check) as well as conventional calibration by zero standard solution.

Sample colour does not affect measurement
The detector only responds to salinity (Cl-) and is unaffected by colouring additives or seasonings.

Temperature Measurement Function
Temperature and dissolved oxygen readings can be displayed simultaneously and this data can be output from the meter to an analog recorder for monitoring (recorder available separately).

Compact Design & Easy Maintenance
The supplied flow cell is designed be compact and provide easy maintenance and operation. The main unit is housed in a splash-proof enclosure, thus it will be durable against water splashing if installed in a sampling rack.

Dual Power Sources
The instrument can be used on DC power source as well as AC power. Consequently it can be used for field work where AC power source is not available. 400 hours of continuous measurement can be achieved when alkali dry cells are loaded.

Analog Record Output Terminal
Analog recorder can be connected to the output terminal, variation of dissolved oxygen and temperature can be monitored and recorded continuously.

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