Increasingly, the ability to forecast environmental data precisely and accurately to specific criteria is becoming more important. To do this a measurement network is required which can gather up-to-date environmental data reliably and in a cost effective manner. At OTT we have come up with an interesting solution to meet these requirements: the
new CompactStation. This fully equipped measurement station can operate as a standalone unit thanks to its solar power supply and GSM communications option. It does not require any external utility supplies and can be mounted quickly and cheaply in a single day and as a rule permission to erect the sites are not required.

Design:The CompactStation is supplied with all components required to operate a measurement station: sensor, data-logger, communication equipment as well as a power supply. These components are mounted on a sub-frame at the factory to the customers specification. The sub-frame can then be inserted into the station during installation.
The housing is constructed using the diving bell principle, this means that an air pocket prevents the unit from flooding even if it is inundated by flood water and prevents the instruments from being harmed. The design and construction material of the unit also deter unauthorised access to the instruments as well as protection against the elements. In its standard design, the CompactStation has an integral stand with a base plate to secure it to a concrete foundation. Alternatively, it can be mounted to a bridge or convenient wall with other fixing options. The extension pole can have one, or if required, two solar panels as well as the communication antennae. The pole can also be used to mount meteorological sensors giving the unit even more flexibility. The customer can specify, GSM, radio or satellite options to communicate the data collected. The design of the CompactStation gives the customer a fully autonomous monitoring station that can be erected quickly and cost-effectively giving them an effective alternative
to conventional monitoring stations.

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