Depending on the particular model, the new measuring instrument range provides a powersaving ultrasonic wind sensor incorporating an electronic compass for automatic adjustment for magnetic North, a temperature sensor, a capacitive sensor for relative air humidity, a barometric pressure sensor, a sensor for global radiation (CMP3), and a sensor for liquid precipitation using a tipping bucket system. It also provides a Doppler radar sensor for solid and liquid precipitation that measures the size and velocity of individual particles to calculate the quantity and intensity of precipitation (rain/snow). Built-in data pre-processing and output through the SDI-12 (factory setting) or RS-485 serial interfaces using various output protocols provide interface compatibility of the unit for all OTT dataloggers, ADCON RTUs as well as for commercially available HydroMet dataloggers and PLC systems. Configurable low-power modes ensure low power consumption. Heater and fan may be engaged as required. Thus, the unit is ideally suited for all solarpowered hydro-meteorological applications as well as for those that are mains powered for heated operation in wintertime. Wind is internally measured using 10Hz rate and complies with the requirements of the WMO guideline providing output of vector and scalar means, maximum gust, and corresponding wind direction. Moreover, average and extreme values as well as a large number of meteorological data such as standard deviation, dew point, and much more is calculated.

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