The intelligent top cap OTT ITC, designed to eqip the OTT ground water data loggers Orpheus Mini, OTT CTD and OTT Thalimedes, offers a high performance GSM/SMS/GPRS data transmission unit.

The compact and simple design of the ITC guarantees an easy installation on wells (2*…4*). No tools are required to change the batteery or to insert the SIM card.

A clever power supply concept leaves no questions unanswered: Easy to change lithium battery (sufficient to power the ITC for up to 2 years operation) or external solar unit –depending on the requirements and conditions at the measurement site an optimised power supply solution can be employed.

Automatic access to ground water data with OTT ITC

Various communication solutions
The intelligent top cap ITC provides optimised communication solutions for groundwater
monitoring networks:
— Data on request at dedicated time slots from the central station
— SMS active transfer, automatic self timed data transfer to PC or data centre using
SMS data packages
— SMS alarm messages to mobile phone, via fax or e-mail. SMS alarm triggered
through observation of pre-set thresholds
— GPRS data transmission features supported with OTT Orpheus Mini / CTD
Features &Benefits
— Low power consumption: Lithium battery supply for up to 2 years operation
(based on 1 SMS data transmission per day)
— For mounting on well pipes with or without thread ((2*…4*))
— Change of Lithium battery or insertion of the SIM card is possible without tools
— Integrated omni-directional flat antenna, for best reception
— Wireless infrared (IrDA) data transmission between data logger and OTT ITC – no
cables to interfere with a manual control measurement done by a contact gauge

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