Meteosat is a geostationary weather satellite operated by the European organization EUMETSAT. In addition to its features for performing meteorological tasks, it provides the option for remote data transfer. EUMETSAT as a publicly operating provider offers data services at low prices, the user must simply be registered and approved. Particularly in areas that are not well developed, data transfer via satellite is therefore an alternative to the
normal dial-up methods. It likewise offers an economical possibility for redundant data transfer.
For a measuring station to transmit its data to the satellites, a certified satellite transmitter is required. The OTT HDR M3 is certified for remote data transfer via Meteosat. Acting as the transmission module, it runs the transmission commands of a connected OTT datalogger and thus acts as the interface to the satellite. The automatic synchronization of frequency and internal clock via GPS signals (Global Positioning System) guarantees stable trans­
mission frequencies and times.

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